01/03/00- Executive Producer Ringo Lam withdraws from Simon Sez
According to March issue of Impact Action Magazine, Ringo Lam withdrew his name as executive producer from the Dennis Rodman flick,Simon Sez. Simon Sez is produced by Moshe Diamant and stars Dennis Rodman along with Hung Xin Xin,Dane Cook,Natalie Cigliuti,Jerome Predon and Ricky Harris. The film is helmed by director Kevin Elders and Remy Julienne serves as second unit director and stunt coordinator.
07/04/00-Ringo Lam to direct Van Damme(again) in Replicant
Ringo Lam is set to team up with Van Damme again for his second Hollywood outing after the dismay Maximum Risk in a film entitled Replicant. Among the co-stars rumoured to star alongside with Van Damme includes James Wood,Harvey Keitel,Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez(though I might stress that it's highly unlikely that any of these A-list stars will even make it to the final list)

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