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Wild Search

Wild Search is a delightful change from Lam's more violent films

My views Wild Search

Director Ringo Lam once said he didn't like all the graphic violence in his films. I didn't really believe that remark until I saw Wild Search. Wild Search is in many ways very different from his other films like Full Contact. The film starts off as a crime drama with Chow Yun-Fat portraying Inspector Mew who stumbles upon a lead to an arms-deal. He raids the place only to find a dead body and a ten-year old girl. The little girl leds him into a remoted village and only link is the dead female's sister (Cherie Chung)
The story that unfolds after that is a beautiful love story between the two leads (Chow Yun-Fat and Cherie Chung). Chow and Chung has always showed great chemistry in their films and this one is no different.Chow,Chung and the kid actress are all delightful in their respective roles which really makes Wild Search a sheer fun to watch.
Fans of Full Contact might be turn off by the lack of action but Wild Search is not really an action flick and doesn't pretend to be one. Wild Search doesn't break any new grounds in Hong Kong film-making but it still remains as one of my fav Ringo Lam film.

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